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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Queen Of Greed, Christen Brown, Shot Down By Judge Eskin

Although the wait has felt interminable, it was almost worth it to read Judge Eskin’s decision regarding Plaintiff Christen Brown’s attempt to get the money reserved for victims of Christen Browns adoption scams. Judge Eskin ruled that Brown

1. does not have a legitimately acquired interest in the confiscated assets;
3. the claim for child support by Brown does not have priority over the (monetary) restitution owed to the victims of the defendant’s crimes.

AMEN! I took great pleasure in Judge Eskin’s keen observations regarding Brown’s involvement in Adoption International Program and his verbal lashing that she placed her own desires before her child’s (Zoe) interests!

Here are a few of my favorite comments by Judge Eskin

between 2004 and 2007…”

The judge also makes a statement that Christen basically put herself before her daughter and should have used proceeds from the sale of the house to support their daughter.

In my opinion, this is all confirmation of what the victims have felt in their hearts all along: Christen is a greedy piranha and only cares about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ~ she knew exactly what was going on and could care less about APs or orphans. All she ever cared about was maintaining her luxurious lifestyle…even to the point where she placed maintenance of that lifestyle above the needs of her own child!

I worked for Christen Brown and had to take her to court because she screwed me out of my share of The Princess Cruise Account. She is a vile human being. She double billed clients and gouged them when ever she could. Every client paid a different price, what ever the market could bear. Even when the work was less for one they would pay more than one with more work. Christen would feel them out. Stay as far away as you can from this Queen of Greed. Google her!

Look at:











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