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Victems Get Vocal is now Cyber Stalking people: site run by Christen Brown and Zoie Brown!

Victems Get Vocal is cyber stalking; yes they are doing exactly what they want people to report? Its weird but when you know who is in charge of this site you will come to realize it is based on revenge and trying to do with the internet what the D.A. already refused to do. The person who created this site is Christen Brown who ripped off many adoptive parents with her old company Adoption International Program. Now Zoie with Christen is telling lies and scamming again.! Zoie Brown is a confirmed heroin addict and pusher. She will steal or lie to support her habit. She is also a con artist. She spent years in rehab part of her deal with the court. She  always used sex as a means to an end. I find it incredulous hat she says she was molested. Zoie would have sex with anyone, a really loose girl. Zoie Brown and her mother Christen Brown have launched a new web site called Victims Get Vocal. They are scamming people for money, using Zoie’s sob story about being molested a total lie, because even the D.A has caught Zoie in her lies and will not prosecute Orson Mozes. She is using Orson as a reason for the judge to treat her with mercy after being arrested. Christen Brown Zoie’s adoptive mother wants revenge because Orson would not lie in court as Christen wanted him to so her innocent spouse story went out the window;  she is using Zoie to get back at him while scamming people. This is the same Christen Brown who the judge found complicit of fraud. Her old company Adoption International Program scammed many adoptive parents out of money. Now she has just lost a civil case against her and finally she has to pay the victims of her adoption agency.. Please do not trust Christen Brown! I don’t know why someone would represent Christen Brown as a public speaker? Big Speak of Santa Barbara represents her. She really can’t speak and is boring and just drones on. I guess her age 67 has a lot to do with it. She is also a very bad writer just copying other authors and using it as her own. None of her books have sold and she is resigned to self publishing. She acts as a very helpful person and even has a site called Yes Worldwide  but she ripped off adoptive parents with her main company now defunct Adoption International Program, she went to court and was found complicit in fraud by Judge Eskin in Santa Barbara. Christen is a horrible person just Google her and you will see for your self. She is very deceitful and will do anything for money. She committed fraud on  many adoptive parents with her old company Adoption International Program. She is also consumed with seeking revenge against Orson Mozes her ex spouse and partner who took the fall for her and went to prison. When Orson saw that Christen was only out for money and cared only about money he told the truth in court about Christen and blew her story of innocent spouse. Judge Eskin deemed her complicit of fraud and even stealing Zoie her adoptive daughter’s child support. She did this by using Orson’s money which was his part of the sale of their home; more than $400,000. She kept it as alimony and lawyers costs rather than for her daughter Zoie. Never mind using it as Orson thought she would to pay disgruntled clients. Orson left a letter telling her to pay his debts with his share of the profits from the sale of their house. This letter only came to light when Orson went to court! Christen kept it hidden hoping Orson would never come back or be found. Instead she blamed Orson and got immunity from prosecution and an arrest warrant was issued for Orson. The judge also makes a statement that Christen basically put herself before her daughter and should have used proceeds from the sale of the house to support their daughter.

She also with her daughter Zoie Brown is still trying to frame Orson Mozes for telling the truth and not making her out as the innocent spouse. Here is what the judge said in court. Please parents never ever give her any money no matter what site etc. she shows you or what cause! She is the worst scammer and was the force behind Adoption International Program!! Check out the news stories below. Do not trust Christen or Zoie and please do not give them any money!!!!


or the PDF file showing Christen complicit of fraud at



Zoie Brown aka Zoie Mozes keeps on lying. They are both out for revenge because


Zoie Brown aka Zoie Mozes keeps on lying. They are both out for revenge because


Christen Brown and Zoie Brown lying to District Attorney

Christen Brown and Zoie Brown her daughter have started a 501(c)(3) non-profit Victims Get Vocal; in the hopes of getting money and revenge. This is indeed Christen Brown the Queen of Greed who ran Adoption International Program. She defrauded her clients and stole their money! The judge found her complicit in fraud. Here are two URL to verify her guilt.



On May 2010, a Motion to enter a default judgment was entered in the court and is pending judicial ruling. This Motion is to Default Adoption International Program as a corporation. So ex clients can go after her personally.

So Christen Brown and Zoie Brown are using the internet for another scam; asking people to contribute money to their new business? Zoie and Christen threatened Orson Mozes; Zoie’s dad with unfounded molestation charges if he testified; because the truth would come out and Christen would not get money held by the state destined for the ex clients. Mozes testified and Christens cover as innocent spouse was blown. Molestation was never mentioned; the judge would not allow it. This was the first of three times they approached the DA who found they were lying about the charges. Yet they are still trying to get money and signatures on a petition as a cover for fraud. Christen can one again scam people using her daughter who is a recovering drug addict. She was arrested and spent two years in a recovery center. I wonder how someone like Christen Brown can end one fraud only to start another scheme to instigate lies about Orson Mozes and fraud people using the internet to do it.

I would like to say that Zoie Browns accusations and statements about Orson molesting her are lies and false. I always know when Zoie is lying because her lips are moving. Since a very young child she has always lied.  Her Dad served as someone she could blame for her arrests, felony charges and drug use and when she was caught and went to court she blamed him and got a lighter sentence. The real reason for her actions stem from anger about not getting the child support she thinks she deserves. These were moneys that her Mom took as alimony when she sold their house. Zoie also craves attention and she will do anything to get it, negative or positive. The judge said it is actually criminal to put alimony before child support to Christen in court but she did. She took the money from the house sale and used it as alimony. More than $400,000 of the house sale was Orson’s. He left a letter designating Christen Brown to pay his debts after the house sale, which the judge brought up in court. Christen should have given that money to the adoption clients and not used it as alimony. The year before he left he

wanted to pay back clients but Christen said screw the clients she has contracts! She kept all the monies and proclaimed him the villain after he left.

Orson never expected a warrant to be issued after he left! Christen and Orson at that point in almost 20 years had done over 1000 adoptions. When another agency paid money to the Kazakhstan government to get their agency out   resulted in problems for them and all their adoptions. I was sure Christen would pay his money back to clients instead of blaming him and hoping he would never come back. Before the first hearing Christen threatened Orson’s attorney that if he testifies she will bring up molestation allegations; the Judge never let her because everyone knew it was a threat and unfounded. I think her revenge has backfired.The judge found Christen complicit of fraud in court and the Queen of Greed; Christen could not get the money he designated go back to clients? She was furious! She even took it to the court of appeals and lost! Even more furious when he pleaded guilty; instead of no contest; so clients could use everything said in court in their civil suit against her. Orson pleaded guilty because to fight his case would have taken two years and he did not have the bail to get out of jail. He knew he would have to serve only one year and half if he pleaded guilty or no contest so he did.

Before he was found; Christen said if he ever came back she would destroy him; he knows now it is because her story of being the innocent spouse would be taken apart, as it was when she went to court to claim the client’s money as hers or child support. I guess this molestation petition and site is all part of their revenge. It states on the site that Zoie and Christen have this site together. Zoie is a drug addict and fought two felonies; she spent two years in a residential treatment center for drugs.

It is a shame that Christen is using Zoie to spread lies. Orson regret’s leaving and

causing pain to ex clients. Trusting Christen Brown the Queen of Greed to do the right